Increase your sales up to 3x with a 10 minute integration by allowing people to buy your NFTs with credit card or any cryptocurrency, even if they don’t have wallets.

Crossmint offers the most battle-tested NFT checkout product on the market, powering most major drops, launchpads, and marketplaces across chains, like Manifold, Magic Eden, Tensor, and more.

Key Characteristics

Payment Method Support

Crossmint allows buyers to purchase NFTs with any cryptocurrency. For example, they can buy an Optimism NFT paying with mainnet ETH. This is done real time without requiring bridging.

How Does it Work?

With Crossmint, people can purchase your NFTs with any payment method, from any device, in ~30 seconds, even if they don’t have a wallet or cryptocurrency.

You will receive the full amount instantly via the smart contract, in the native currency of the contract. For enterprises, Crossmint also offers fiat settlements, eliminating the need for them to hold cryptocurrency.

Buyers will receive the NFTs directly on their wallet, if they have one. If not, Crossmint will create one on-the-fly, which can be embedded in your site or accessed from You can read more about the wallets here.


Advanced Topics